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The Law Office of Nathan C. Rien provides a full range of estate planning packages that address the unique values and needs of each client. Contact us today and to take the first step towards securing your financial future.

Wills & Living Trusts

A Last Will and Testament is an expression of a testator’s final wishes upon death and is one of the most important legal devices a person will create in their lifetime.

Estate Planning

A properly prepared estate plan will help you protect your family and assets during your lifetime and ensure that your wishes are carried out during periods of incapacity and/or death.

Powers of Attorney

This written authorization allows your designated agent to make financial and legal decisions for you in the event that you should become incapacitated, hospitalized or disabled.

The primary goal of the Law Office of Nathan C. Rien is to provide legal services that help families secure their wealth for future generations through the use of: Last Will and Testaments, Living Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directives, HIPAA, Authorizations, Pour Over Wills, Deed Transfers

If a trust is not managed properly when a loved one passes away, fees and property taxes may be incurred by the estate without trustees or beneficiaries understanding their full fiduciary duties and financial obligations. While the responsibility of administering the trust typically falls on the successor trustee, the use of an attorney during the administration process may be a prudent course of action to ensure a successful trust administration.


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